With much thanks due to his tonic, Dr. Nodnol has many dreams, for both himself, humanity, and the earth herself.


For many years, Dr. Nodnolís foremost dream has been to find a cure for the common condition. Sameness, boredom, repetition, and mere exhaustion can often lead to the most regrettable symptoms, and create an artificial barrier between us and The Dream.


Ultimately, Dr. Nodnol dreams of a new way of life wherein the lines between dream and reality, imagination and logic, and creativity and everyday life become blurred once and for all.


Dr. Nodnol also dreams of a world in which humankind accepts responsibility for their role in the both the creation and destruction of the Earth, with the hopes that, perhaps by using his tonic, newer, more creative solutions can be reached for preserving and replenishing this floating spehere, we are privledge to call home.