Dr. Nodnol was born in a small town on the west side of the Northern region. When he was 7, his father got a job doing the books for a traveling circus, and for nearly ten years, he traveled with his family in a caravan of clowns, jugglers, acrobats and animals.


When the circus eventually shut down, Dr. Nodnol began to focus on his studies, receiving formal degrees  psychology, medicine and law. Later on, he became an avid student of the fringe arts and sciences, including Alchemy, Surrealism, Metaphysics, Pataphysics and all forms of Magic, Magick, and Majik, which led him to devote his life to igniting the universal spark of genius possessed by all members of the human race.


He currently resides in a small cottage, close to the water, where he writes, dreams, laughs, plays, creates, and drinks his tonic daily!